Airtel Increases Price of Add-On Connection for Postpaid Customers From Rs. 149 to Rs. 249: Reports

Airtel introduced the add-in calling system for monthly invoice subscribers, which allowed its customers to add family contact to their current plan without having to pay the full price for the second call. Airtel has so far offered a regular additional plan at Rs. 149, but the company has now raised its price. After the price hikes, the additional Airtel Additional Plan is now available at Rs. 249 for postpaid customers The updated price now appears to be available to Airtel India customers.

According to TelecomTalk Report, Eligible Airtel Postponed Customers are now being advised to raise rates in the additional calling system. We also encountered a Twitter post supporting the price hike, thanks to the screenshot accompanying the SMS notification sent by Airtel to eligible users. We have contacted Airtel to confirm the price increase.

If you’re not familiar with Airtel plan additional plan for monthly invoice subscribers, here’s how it works. After enabling the single-numbered service, the Airtel customer can add a family member or friend to their current plan, but at a lower price. For example, if the main customer chooses Rs. 499 monthly plans, they would only have to pay Rs. 249 to call the add-in, rather than a full rupee. 499 monthly fee for the second call. Earlier, Airtel’s add-on plan for postpaid subscribers was priced at Rs. 149, but now, it has been increased to Rs. 249. It should be noted that Airtel also provides add-on data only for the price of Rs. 99.

Airtel currently offers many postpaid plans, a free additional calling facility as well. rupee. The postpaid plan offers 1,749 add-ons and 1 additional data for free, while Rs. Offers 999 regular 3 monthly plans and 1 extra without any additional fees. You can check more details on the Airtel website here.

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