Apple Focusing More on iPhone 14 Pro Models & Might Increase Its Share

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Some production statistics will also change as the iPhone 14 Pro model gets only the new A16 chip and the non-professional iPhone 14 model sticks to last year’s A15 chip.
According to the latest report from the reliable Ming-Chi Kuo, the shipment of high-end iPhones has seen some significant structural changes. Let me briefly explain them.
As we already know from past reports and rumors, Apple plans to distinguish between the upcoming iPhone 14 pro and non-pro models.

And now, Apple is reported to have more production units for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max than previous unit stats. Kuo suggested that shipments of high-end iPhone models will increase by about 15% to 20%, with a share of 55% to 60% in the second half of the year.

This share was previously around 40% to 50%, but this surge has also proved to be beneficial to the major component suppliers of high-end iPhone 14 models.

As Kuo pointed out, the new and improved rear camera for the iPhone 14 Pro model is available from Sony (CIS), Largan (Lens), Alps (VCM / OIS), and LG Innotek (CCM).

In addition, the shipping rate of this supplier is increasing, about 30-35% for CIS for cameras, 20-25% for lenses, 15-20% for VCM / OIS for cameras, and about 30-35% for CCM.

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To make a difference, many new features will only be introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro and ProMax, and the base model iPhone 14 and Max or Plus models (names not yet confirmed) will lose these features. These new features on the Pro model include a new notch design with pill-shaped notches + holes, a 48MP primary camera sensor, and possibly a new body and a new A16 chip.

The strategy behind this change is to get customers to buy the Pro model. As features increase, so does the price, so iPhone 14 Pro and ProMax sales generate more revenue than a company can generate.

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