Biomutant PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S update announced

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The biomutant of the open world game will obtain new versions PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on September 6.

An update, free for existing players of the game, will add 4K resolution, HDR support and a “fps” promoted frame rate.

In PS5, three graphic modes will be offered. Quality (30 fps to 4K), quality quality (40+ fps “up to 4K”) and performance (60 fps blocked at 1440p). Dualsense support and activity cards will also be available.

In the Xbox X/S series, the same three graphic options will vary between the types of console. The quality will offer more than 30 fps to 4K, or 1440p in the series S. Quality unleashed will offer more than 40 fps “up to 4K” in the series X or 1440p in the series S. Finally, the performance will offer 60 fps blocked at 1440p, or 1080p in the series S.

“Despite all the rarity and fun it promises, Biomutant ends in a deeply conventional open world action,” Malindy Hetfeld wrote in the Biomutant review of Eurogamer.

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Biomutant, developed by the Swedish study experiment 101, launched in May last year and changed more than 1 million copies, enough to reach the equilibrium point within a week of launch despite a long development.

The Thq Nordic editor bought the experiment 101 in November 2017, collecting the study and intellectual property rights of Biomutant for around 6.2 million.

The Nordic Nordic Adbrar matrix subsequently described biomutant sales as “in line with management expectations.”

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