Disney+ Hotstar Rolls Out ‘Watch With Your Friends’for IPL Only


Disney + Hotstar has developed a “Watch with your friends” feature that allows you to make video calls to friends and family while you watch cricket. This only applies to the Indian Premier League, and it is a strange time to compete with just two matches watch – Delhi Capitals vs Sun Riser Hyderabad over the weekend, ahead of the 2020 IPL season I’m left, look together. Now that the technology is in place, it is possible that it will be introduced in more cricket or other sports in the future, but Disney + Hotstar told Gadgets360 that it is still a special one-off for the IPL.

To set it up, play live IPL matches – the final of the 2020 IPL on Tuesday is your only option – and then click “Start Video Call”. Operate is only available in portrait format with your device, which means you can’t watch the match in full screen. You can add up to five friends with Disney + Hotstar’s “Watch With Your Friends”. Once your friends arrive on the plane, you’ll have access to the volume knob for match commentary and your friends’ conversations, allowing you to decide which one you want to prioritize. And if video calling is also very demanding, you can easily choose the “audio only” option.

Technically, you can do this using a third-party video chat client like Zoom or Google Mate, but you may encounter synchronization issues. This is especially annoying for live sports. It’s not a pleasure to give someone a wicket or a boundary reaction in front of you, because the series is a few seconds ahead. Disney + Hotstar’s “Watch with your friends” takes care of this, synchronizing everyone’s video stream to make sure you’re watching the match all together – in any sense of the word.

Although Disney + Hotstar’s “Watch with your friends” has nothing to do with live content. Add it to the list of differences between Disney + Hot Star and Disney +. The Disney + app has a “Group Watch” feature that lets you view any titles on services with your friends and family.

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