Earth-Sized Free Floating Rogue Planet Discovered in Milky Way

A new Earth-sized plant has been discovered by scientists at the University of Warsaw. It is said to be the smallest free-floating planet ever found, and its size anywhere between Earth and Mars. Rogue planets are basically not bound to any star and float freely in space. They enter space after being ejected from their original planet. Scientists claim that this new rogue planet could be found somewhere in the middle of the Milky Way.

Scientists at the University of Warsaw may have discovered a large-scale Portuguese rogue planet. They used a technique called microsensitization to discover this planet, and this technique allows them to find planets that they would not be able to do otherwise. He called the phenomenon “the smallest scale microlenses ever discovered.”

One of the scientists involved in the project, Przemik Maroz, took to Twitter to explain what bullying planets are and what microlenses are. “Corrupt planets do not orbit stars, they are disliked by any host star in terms of gravity. They do not emit any visible radiation, so they cannot be detected using conventional astronomical techniques. However, if such a planet passes in front of a distant background star (known as a source), its gravity can bend and amplify the light. Allegedly, there will be a temporary enlightenment of sources on Earth, which we call the gravitational micro-lensing event.

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