EBay says open to accepting to cryptocurrencies in future, exploring NFTs

On Monday, the company said that EBay is open to the possibility of accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in the future and is looking for ways to obtain non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs) on its platform.

A growing number of companies are starting to accept virtual currencies as a form of payment, given the asset class that major financial institutions shunned a few years ago, one step closer to becoming mainstream.

Tesla is already accepting bitcoin as payment for its electric cars, while payment giant PayPal last year began allowing customers to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies using their online wallets.

“We are always looking for the most relevant form of payment and will continue to assess that from now on,” eBay said in a statement to Reuters. “We have no immediate plans, but (the cryptocurrency) is something that we are monitoring.” . ”

In an interview with CNBC, the CEO …

EBay, which disappointed investors with its poor second-quarter earnings outlook last week, said it is looking for “several ways” to enter the NFT space.

NFTs, a type of digital asset found on the blockchain, has gone viral this year, with NFT’s artwork selling millions of dollars and musicians.

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