Google Home Speakers No Longer Support Guest Mode

Google-powered devices, including a series of Chromecast and Google Home smart speakers, allow users to stream content directly to devices. This can be audiovisual content, depending on the device used, and uses Wi-Fi and internet to work. Since 2014, there has been a feature called “Guest Mode” that allows visitors to your home to photograph devices without connecting to your Wi-Fi network. Now it appears that “guest mode” has disappeared for Google Home devices.

According to a new report by Android Police, “Guest Mode” for Google Home devices is no longer available. This means that guests and visitors will now have to sign in to Wi-Fi in order to send to Google Home devices.

Earlier, “guest mode” allowed visitors to cast their votes without logging in to the host’s Wi-Fi network, instead using mobile data to send information broadcasted directly to their Google Home device through a home Wi-Fi connection. This is useful because it means that the host does not need to share Wi-Fi details with everyone looking to make them, and only provides the PIN code that a visitor can contact – a feature we expect to be very useful during parties, or if you specifically protect the details Wi-Fi.

Interestingly, the Android Police report indicates that the feature has been deactivated only for Google Home devices. Chromecast devices continue to support “guest mode” which can be activated or deactivated through the Google Home app on the device owner’s smartphone. This doesn’t seem like a particularly big loss, and very few people may have actually used it on Google Home devices due to the complex ways in which this feature is involved.

If you use “guest mode” on your Google Home device, the solutions will be very easy. You can share your Wi-Fi details with the visitor and they will be able to call and send naturally, or use Bluetooth to allow your visitors to call your home on Google Home and play the audio in the old way.

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