Google Photos Brings New Pop-Up UI For Quick Sharing

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Google Photos modifies the pop-up user interface (UI) again so that you can quickly share and manage your library.

This year, Google will release a major update and redesign of the Android photo app. First, the company announced a major update to the “Sharing” section of the app, and then introduced a redesigned Library tab.
Today, tech giants are changing the interface of Google Photos. According to reports from 9to5Google, this change looks like a server-side update to Google Photos version 5.96. Google Photos new pop-up UI
Google Photos brings a new pop-up interface for quick sharing and library management

The report shows that when you select a photo or video from your library, a new pop-up UI will appear. However, changes have been seen on some devices, so update rollouts may be restricted or in testing.
In modern interfaces, you’ll see all the Share, Add, and Remove options at the bottom of the screen. You have other options to erase content from your device, order prints, move to archives, move to locked folders, and more.

The newly updated UI has integrated more options without clicking on the image. Swipe up on the pop-up to get direct access to shortcuts to send to specific contacts. Below that, there are shortcuts for adding images or videos to your album and displaying the location of the files. All of these options are also displayed when selecting multiple photos or videos.

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It is currently unknown if the latest updates will be widely used. You have to wait for formal confirmation about this. In April, Google completely redesigned the Library tab. With this change, Google Photos will immediately display a grid of the latest 10 albums. You can sort by carousel on the filter tip, including favorites, camera rolls, and everything else.

On the photo’s Sharing tab, the list has been split into three different sections. There is one shared album, and the list below shows the latest three “conversations and shared links”.

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