Google Station Free Wi-Fi Service Being Wound Down Globally, Will Be Helmed by Partners Like RailTel

Google Station is shutting down, globally. As a reminder, the free Wi-Fi program was launched in India in 2015, and has since been expanded to include hundreds of railway stations and thousands of other locations in the country. It was launched in cooperation with RailTel, and was considered powered by Google RailWire. Now that it’s over, the company will work with partners like RailTel to move existing locations – meaning that the Wi-Fi itself won’t likely stop.

In a blog post on Monday, Google cited the changing nature of the mobile data landscape as a major reason for ending the Google Station project.

“As we look to the next stage of enabling access, it is clear that since we started five years ago, online communication has become much simpler and cheaper. Mobile data plans are becoming more affordable, and mobile communications are improving globally. Among the cheapest mobile data For every gigabyte in the world, where mobile data data prices have decreased by 95 percent in the past five years, as in TRAI in 2019. Today, Indian users consume approximately 10GB of data, every month, on average. Indian government, several governments and local entities have begun Yeh own to provide easier access and cost-effective for all initiatives, “read a blog Blog.

Google also says that regardless of the changing context of mobile data, “the challenge of differing technical requirements and infrastructure between our partners in different countries has made it difficult for Station to expand and sustain, especially for our partners.” It discloses that it is working with its partners to “move existing sites so that they can remain beneficial resources for the community.”

Regarding what is next on Google radar, the company said: “And when we evaluate where we can really make an impact in the future, we see greater need and opportunities in building products and features designed to work better for the following billion user markets”

Separately, Google also announced the termination of the Google Station program in South Africa, which was launched only three months ago in partnership with Think WiFi.

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