My TV Is 10 Years Old and I Still Can’t Convince Myself to Upgrade

My TV Is 10 Years Old and I Still Can't Convince Myself to Upgrade

What do you do when you have a ten year old television that still works fine, and has absolutely zero rewrite value? Easy – You stare sharply at the 32-inch full-HD screen, and try and remember a time when it feels really big and overwhelming. And wish someone could come in secret and give the television a short circuit so you can find a reason to buy something new. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing for the last year.

Televisions haven’t really changed much in a few years – 3D has come and gone without changing things, and although the television has grown, even the price of a 55-inch TV has become very taboo. Smart TVs have also become more and more common over time, and again, this is a feature that makes them look good, but they don’t have to upgrade their televisions themselves. Don’t feel enough for some reason.

I bought my TV in 2007, and then the choice was boiled down to a 32-inch LCD or plasma TV. LEDs were available at the time, but they were more expensive. Over the years LEDs became fairly standard, but I had already bought a full HD TV, so there was little reason to switch without increasing some screen sizes, and it’s still very expensive. Was

But since then, things have changed slowly but surely. Manufacturers such as Wu and Kodak began bringing down 55-inch televisions with 4K resolutions, at affordable prices. These were still good enough, and construction standards in general often left things to customize, but with aggressively competitive prices, offering a real alternative to the high-priced offerings of brands such as LG and Samsung. started doing it.

The latest entry to this space in India is the Zumi, which has a MITV 4 55 inch 4K HDR 10 television that looks very premium, and comes with smart TV features that allow you to watch your TV. Control the set top box, and search. Content live on TV.

It’s a great solid feature set, and when compared to my 10-year-old 32-inch Plasma TV, it doesn’t look like it’s in the same product, although in 2005, the Panasonic price is similar to the MITV4 Does today

The catch is that Panasonic is still a really good TV. Although plasma TVs may have difficulty burning the icon, this has never happened with this unit despite its long duration, and although it takes longer to replace or turn it off than modern TVs, but The quality of this image was never questioned. On the contrary, the levels are very good, and the refresh rate is so high that it has been great for both watching TV and gaming.

So does that mean I shouldn’t buy a new TV? Obviously, this is something that everyone has to decide for themselves, but it raises the question of when it’s okay to update your gadget even when you don’t need to. A big TV is not going to be a significantly better TV, and it represents a cost of around Rs. 40,000, so each of us must consider whether this reflects the purchase price.

But beyond that, at what point in your gadget’s life can you say that you’ve got a lot of value out of it, and it’s time to upgrade without any standards? Upgrading every year, as we call it, will obviously please the manufacturers, but the televisions themselves have not undergone such a rapid change, and so it is not a reasonable idea.

For me, even though I’ve got an amazing price on TV so far, it’s still hard to justify an upgrade. For others, it may be a very simple decision. In both cases, though, it does indicate something interesting. How devices fall into two categories, let’s call them appliances and gadgets. Appliances like a refrigerator or microwave will stay in your home for a decade or more, but gadgets, laptops, phones, Bluetooth speakers, and the like, are upgraded more regularly.

They are constantly developing and acquiring new features that are substantially upgraded within a year or three (depending on the category), you have to cause a change, although the prices of these products are often The times are much longer than that. Items that stay with you longer. For me, TVs still fall into the category of devices, even though I really want to change my location.

Gaming in particular is one of the reasons I’m fascinated by big TV today. The basic expectation of a television in the Xbox 360 era – when this television was purchased – was probably between 27 inches and 32 inches. The games from this console generation looked great on this television, especially when I was using a 29-inch CRT before.

Then around 2015, I moved on to the next console generation, and it only became clear that my TV was left behind. Game developers clearly expect consumers to have larger televisions, because now most of the text in games is too small and difficult to read on my TV.

But that’s not all. Thanks to the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, the fact that game consoles now support features like 4K and HDR. However, even on non-4K TVs, there is a feature called super stamping that basically presents it at a higher resolution before sending it to the screen, which improves some of the image quality. ۔ And while HDR is downloadable, it’s not really being used much, so is that a good reason to upgrade automatically?

Not really, and that’s the problem. There is nothing wrong with my TV, and when it is used to watch TV or movies, it works great. That is the only case that really matters today.

If your refrigerator is working perfectly, but it doesn’t have a cool feature like a water dispenser, or your washing machine has a 6kg load limit when you think 8kg is perfect, do you Will you agree to scrap and buy a new one for it? Same price? maybe not. So why the same for television?

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