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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has finally begun after an epic event with Galactus, and we’ve got the details on everything new. There are more details below, but by far the biggest change for Fortnite this season is that ol’ Mando is here, the titular character from the Star Wars show on Disney Plus, The Mandalorian. He’s brought Baby Yoda with him and the pair are just one of many changes in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. Mando and Baby Yoda join the party, Dragon’s Breath Shotgun and Amban Sniper Rifle, Four new mythical weapons, Tilted Towers returns, More new places of interest, Gold and bounties are the rewards you seek and You can hide in the desert sand.

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Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite offers a variety of exciting skins to the Battle Pass holders. Starting from the Mandalorian, players can level up their pass and eventually avail Reese, Mancake, Mave, and Kondor, among others.

Every major update in almost every video game brings a few bugs with it, and Fortnite is no different. This is almost always the case when video games add new mechanics, as Fortnite did with Season 5.

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5.Hand-Outs Unlimited XP

Players can gain XP in multiple ways like Daily Challenges, Medals, and Party Assist. However, even in the presence of these methods, leveling up in Fortnite is still a tedious task.

Apparently, the game rewards players with 6,300 XP for every 15 minutes they spend in the Creative Mode. Owing to this easy trick, they can gain unlimited XP for simply being a part of the lobby. To make the best of this glitch, you must land at the gas station directly north of Slurpy Swamp. You can do this glitch in any game mode, but Team Rumble works the best because you can respawn if you get killed. When you walk into the vicinity of the gas station, you’ll be rewarded with 8,000 XP. Players can try it while they have Supercharged XP. It is a limited-time bonus that is available for logging in during certain hours. The game automatically activates it as soon as the players log in and offer a tremendous XP boost. A majority of players have already used the Creative Mode glitch in the previous Marvel-themed Fortnite season. Normally, this would be a one time reward, but this location is currently bugged so it repeatedly gives you XP multiple times. Simply walk up to the gas station to earn the XP, walk out to the street to reset, and then repeat the cycle as many times as you like. This is definitely an unintended bug, and Epic Games will likely patch this glitch very soon. Discovering named locations is always a good source of XP at the beginning of a season, but it’s not supposed to be this good of a reward. Surprisingly, it is still working in Season 5. Make sure you get as much XP from it as possible before a hotfix is issued.

4.Glitches that lead to XP boost

Similar to the aforementioned glitch, the Fortnite community had discovered several other ways to gain XP faster than ever. At road conjunction near Weeping Woods, players could discover a spot endlessly and fetch 8,000 XP. Undoubtedly, such glitches are a blessing in disguise for several players who struggle to level up their

Battle Passes. On the flip side, the developers need to make sure that the game’s meta remains fair to everyone.

As for now, the Creative Mode glitch can help you in gaining unlimited amounts of XP. However, it won’t be a surprise if Epic Games soon fixes the glitch.

3.Invisible Walls

It seems like each day there are more and more Fortnite bugs uncovered and this latest one is quite game-breaking. One player discovered there’s a way to make walls appear invisible, which will allow you to see enemies while also remaining completely safe from harm.

What makes this bug even worse is it’s extremely easy to do. Here is a showcased what the walls look like from your perspective and explained how to do it in just a sentence: To do this you need to break the amount you want to go, then you need to click your Repair and Edit button At the same time and it should work (Brickworks Best).

Obviously, those are very simple instructions as all you’ll have to do is pickaxe the wall until it gets as damaged as you’d like and then you’re in business. Of course, your enemy will have the same point of view you do, but they just won’t know you’re well protected. This issue definitely seems like something that would have to be patched sooner rather than later but with communication dying down, there’s no telling when a fix will arrive. The developers used to be quite active on Reddit, but now the comments are becoming few and far between. Once enough players learn how to perform this exploit, it’ll definitely be abused so it’d be nice to see Epic address this one as soon as they can.

Long-time players will remember that walls used to be see-through when you held the edit and Epic decided that provided too much of

an advantage and subsequently removed it. It just looks like that removal was short-lived so players are once able to take advantage of it, until whenever it gets patched.

2.God mode glitch

The latest and possibly greatest Fortnite season has just been released and players have already discovered a ‘god mode’ bug, one that makes players both invisible and invincible. This certainly isn’t the first god-mode bug we’ve seen in the battle Royale hit, and as with before, players should be careful how they take advantage of it.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 officially launched earlier this week, giving players a redesigned map with new biomes, including a bunch of quicksand. This game-breaking bug has to do with the new sand mechanic. For those who don’t know, the center of the Fortnite island is now covered with quicksand. This sand, as you’ve likely discovered by now, will swallow your player if you stand in one spot too long. When that happens, the quicksand isn’t a bad thing. It can actually benefit players, offering a hiding spot and increased movement speed. That’s not the bug, but the exploit does involve the quicksand. However, on the flip side, it’s also causing a bug that makes players invisible and invulnerable to damage. This isn’t the first invisibility glitch we’ve seen in Fortnite. Older patches had the same issue with Port-A-Potties. This glitch appears to be more prevalent than the previous ones, however. We’ve seen several reports of this happening to players, sometimes even multiple times in a single play session. The Port-A-Potty glitch required more intention on the part of the players involved. An example of the issue recently went viral on the FortniteBR subreddit.

It’s unclear how, exactly, the bug is triggered aside from being in the quicksand; some players have suggested that it manifests only with bot players, not human players, due to some inability they may have to handle this new type of environment. Regardless, the bug exists and hopefully, Epic get this sorted sooner rather than later. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the sand-sinking mechanic disabled ahead of the next update if Epic can’t push a hotfix to address the problem. We don’t know whether this glitch is intentional on the part of infracting players or if there’s a method to trigger the issue.

We’ll let you know when we find out more about the problem.

As with any of these bugs, anyone can potentially use them, but doing so is risky. Epic has previously made it clear that exploiting these bugs to get an unfair advantage in a game may lead to having your account temporarily or permanently banned.

1.Free wins at the new “Zero Point” location

The Zero Point has been an integral part of the Fortnite storyline for the past few seasons, and it now seems that players are abusing its healing power to get free wins. Galactus was defeated by the Avengers when he tried to harness the power of the Zero Point. Now, the map has changed and the Zero point is exposed. Located in the center of the map, it is a new point of interest for players.

Following the dramatic events that unfolded with Galactus and his subsequent defeat, Fortnite has undergone some major changes. One notable change is the addition and alteration of popular locations. Epic Games are actively encouraging players to explore the map and are offering rewards for players that search every nook and cranny of the Season 5 island.

Some Fortnite players are using the Zero Point to heal themselves and survive storm damage. They are out-healing the other players on the map and abusing an infinite healing mechanic for guaranteed wins in the game.

The Zero Point heals players fully once they enter it. This was an incentive for players to land near it. However, players quickly took advantage of this fact and used this source of healing to out-heal enemies, securing them an easy Victory Royale.

This exploit doesn’t require the player to actually participate in any fights. By simply camping near Zero Point, they can outlast everyone else.

Out-healing enemies as the storm close in the final safe zone is a common practice that is witnessed in competitive matches as well. However, when players misuse the source of healing in this manner, it becomes a major disadvantage for everyone else playing the game.

HYPEX, a prominent Fortnite leaker, pointed out the healing in the Zero Point has been nerfed and players and less likely to out heal the final 10 DPS storm zones to win matches. He also mentioned that this might be a temporary nerf to the problem as nerfing the Zero Point completely takes out a unique element from the game.

The developers should be looking at possible solutions for this problem. How they will be able to balance this so that the healing mechanic is not abused remains to be seen.

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