Samsung Galaxy Phone Users Puzzled by ‘Find My Mobile’ Push Notification, Company Says Was Unintentional

Samsung Galaxy users were annoyed on Thursday after seeing a strange notification via the company’s Find My Mobile service. Notice had a number “1” with another “1” under it. Many users around the world reported the incident on social media. While responding to user reports on social media, Samsung acknowledged the problem and stated that the notification was inadvertently sent during an internal test. OnePlus also sent a similar push notification to some OnePlus 7 Pro users last year.

According to complaints posted on Twitter and Reddit, many Samsung Galaxy phone users received unexpected notification through Find My Mobile that did not provide any details but showed number 1 in title and content box.

“Anyone else getting this find my mobile push notification that you gave me a heart attack?” A user affected by Twitter.

The spam was not limited to one country or one region, and appears to have affected users in global markets, including India and the United States. In addition, the issue affected some of the latest devices like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as well as Galaxy Note 10 models and others.

A few hours after receiving user complaints on social media, the official Samsung support account on Twitter addressed the issue and stated that the notice “was inadvertently sent during an internal test”. The account also highlighted that it had no effect on devices.

However, India and other regional accounts of the corporate support team have not provided any clarity to the users who complain of the push notification.

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