Samsung Patent Application Shows Waterfall Display, Tipped to Debut on Galaxy Note 20

Samsung is experimenting with the idea of ​​a waterfall screen on phones, if a new patent filed by the company is indispensable. The most likely candidate to show off such a panel, according to reports, is the next flagship of the Galaxy Note 20. Samsung’s patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has revealed phone plans that include a cascade display, similar to what we saw in Vivo Nex 3 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro. But unlike the last two phones that lack physical side buttons, the Samsung app has buttons that flow through the curved glass.

The relevant patent was filed in February of last year and was awarded earlier this month. Samsung’s patented application, titled “Electronic Device Including the Projector and Image View on the Projector”, says that the curved screen will provide a unique experience and will also enhance its aesthetics. The front panel is curved on both sides and covers almost the entire edge.

But instead of relying on capacitive controls to replace the volume and power buttons, Samsung has already dug a hole in the glass on the curved sides. The acupuncture power button is out and surrounded almost entirely by the real estate screen. A similar layout can be seen on the left edge as well, with two separate volume buttons placed.

Samsung patent application does not mention on which device the above mentioned design will be applied, and when it will hit the shelves. However, many reports indicate that the Galaxy Note 20 will feature this futuristic design. But Samsung seems to have an advantage here. The capacitive touch input of the audio controls isn’t well received, but adding a physical button without compromising the aesthetic appearance of the waterfall display definitely looks like a winning formula.

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