The truth behind Jake Paul vs. Connor McGregor

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What’s the trending hot topic everyone’s babbling about? The first thing to strike our minds after hearing the word ‘Trend’ is the one and only the popular YouTuber-turned-celebrity-boxer who has issued a $50-million challenge to UFC superstar Conor McGregor in a profaneness-mannered video he posted to his Instagram account. The Jake Paul vs. Conor McGregor fight is 100% happening in 2021 and let me explain it to you. 


Recent posts from Jake Paul’s social media accounts signal that he’s looking to challenge other well-known sports stars to join him in the ring. And if you’re hearing headlines like, ‘YouTube sensation Jake Paul has refused to pull any punches with call outs on social media’, you’re not the only one to think what’s really going on out there. Let me clear that call out phrase by signaling towards the tweet directed at LeBron James, where he challenged the basketball icon to see “who the real king of Ohio is”. He then followed up by tweeting at Rob Gronkowski, calling him “the NFL’s biggest joke”. However, pulling in a big name like LeBron James not only bring some guts but also huge pay per view numbers. No doubt that Paul has a recent history of staging fake celebrity beefs to hype up potential boxing matches. 

As a new trend has emerged for celebrities to take on pro boxing fights, Jake Paul has recently transitioned from YouTube to boxing, and why not? Paul is perhaps best known for his antics as a social media star and naturally, he is known for bringing a similar persona to hype up his fights. He’s so far had two fights where he was able to finish both of his celebrity opponents. Picking up a highlight-reel knockout over former NBA star Nate Robinson, Paul has proved to be a rather impressive pay-per-view draw in the boxing world. That’s the exact thing Paul’s trying to do here again. And by that I mean, Paul called out McGregor after that win and has ramped up his efforts in an attempt to headline another blockbuster event. 

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In an insulting and expletive-filled callout video, he not only offered $50 million to entice Conor McGregor back into a boxing ring, but he also insulted McGregor’s fiancée, Dee Devlin; his next opponent, Dustin Poirier; and his UFC promoter, Dana White. And later, just to defend his comments, he made an escape way by referencing the comments made by McGregor on the cult legend’s fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov, where he used a racial slur against his wife. Phrasing that ‘he’s getting a taste of his own medicine,’ Paul really got his accounts cleared. 

Are you still thinking if he’s got a chance of getting into the ring with one of the greatest professional boxer? You don’t have to because, well,  Jake Paul has already answered that question. Paul made it clear why he’s so confident about the fight. And there’s no surprise that he really compared himself to Conor McGregor and then accepted himself as a better boxer than him, all at the same time. 

All confidence aside, Jake’s brother Logan Paul knows that Jake made a huge mistake in calling out one of the goads in UFC. Logan Paul claimed this fight to be a tough one and there’s no denying the fact that more than half of the world thinks that as well. 

Let’s get one thing out of this whole mania, for those people who are saying that this fight isn’t going to happen, they are not aware of the business side of sports. This fight is about one thing from the beginning. Yes, you got it right, ‘money’. Keeping short, this fight is not between Jack Paul and Conor McGregor, this fight is about money. This YouTuber is trying to capitalize on his initial success in the boxing ring by challenging former UFC champion Conor McGregor. Not just Paul publicly challenged McGregor and offered him $50 million to fight in a boxing match, most of us don’t have an idea of how much potential of money making an event like that holds. 

Jake Paul wished McGregor a good morning not in the best way, saying his representatives sent a $50 million contract to McGregor for a possible fight. While talking to TMZ Paul said he’s sent proof of funds following his invitation to the Irishman for a $50m boxing match between the two. Explaining he’s got an email from a Senior VP at Signature Bank in NY which shows the benefactors’ money is legit and ready to be deployed. 

The fact that both guys have millions of followers can bring an insane amount of pay-per-view is something more considerate than Paul’s breakthrough or McGregor’s legacy. Adding fuel to the flame, it’s not like having two UFC fighters who both have huge followings but from the same MMA fan base, this is going to be much bigger than the casual viewership we see for the Olympics. Thinking about it, this is arguably the best move for Conor’s career. 

On the first take, it’s a guaranteed 50 million dollars which is not an inconsequential matter. And for those who are expecting that Conor would never stoop solo and ruin his UFC legacy, think once again. There’s no man who’s ever turned down the opportunity to make 50 million dollars plus in one day. Overall, if he takes the fight, gets in the ring, and wins, he’s going to make a ton of money. Not just 50 million but also pay-per-view money and all sorts of collateral income from his multiple businesses and endorsements and all that stuff. How does that sound to you? 

On the next take, this fight is also a way for Conor to go back to what made him the phenomenon that he once was but in a slightly different way. Here’s a fact, this could be the biggest heel turn face moment for McGregor due to all the trash-talking Paul’s been doing lately. He will still come out of it as the good guy that we all want to see win the fight. 

While McGregor announced he would be retiring in June, he came out of retirement yet again and is currently scheduled to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 on January 23, 2021. This engagement is set for next month and could potentially derail any McGregor boxing plans in the near future. UFC president Dana White has even come out to say that McGregor vs. Jake Paul will never happen and regarded the idea as ridiculous. But certainly, anything can happen when $50 million is an incentive. Also, Jake Paul is trying his best to not let go of any chance of jumping down McGregor’s throat. No doubt that the president of UFC, Dana White said publicly that there was zero chance of it happening, we can highly doubt his words because he also said there will never be women in the UFC. 

As a matter of fact, Paul’s trying hard enough for this fight to take place. On being asked ‘what do you think is holding him back because that is a lot of money,’ Paul replied with the best of his sarcastic manner. 

Interestingly, that wasn’t the last time Paul decided to call out on Dana as he’s been continuously challenging and trying to pump Dana up to the extent where he can’t really stop the fight from happening. Recently, Jake Paul replied to Dana’s podcast and kept on trash talking on his Instagram stories. 

The reason that this fight will surely happen in 2021 is that everybody is going to gain something from it. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, Jake Paul’s stock is going up as long as he makes it past the second round. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, the McGregor stock also goes up. Let me explain the simple philosophy to you. If he wins he just did the whole world a favor and if he loses the narrative will be that he just took the money and the whole thing will just be swept under the rug. Also, where Conor is involved, the UFC stock will go up too. Overall, that means they’ll make more money with that fight than they have with their last four fight nights combined. What are your perspectives about the fight? One thing’s for sure, the biggest winners of all this will be the fans because if Conor wins that means we got to witness the obnoxious person on the planet right now get put back in his place in a magnificent way and if by some luck or miracle striking at the right time, Jake Paul wins that means we all got to witness the biggest upset. One way or another, this whole mania is going to be ShowTime for everyone

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