Times Fighters Sh***t On Themselves

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Welcome to FightTime, the channel where you will find entertainment and news about the world of fighting and their champions. Today we will be going through the time’s fighters pooped their pants while fighting their opponents in the ring. 

12. Steve Austin

Steve Austin is one tough S.O.B. but even this WWE Hall of Famer has had an accident in the ring. Austin has admitted in the past that during a match with Yokozuna in Africa. Austin took a slam from Yokozuna and immediately let himself go after hitting the mat. Austin wasn’t shy about letting the world know either. During the 2011 season of Tough Enough, he openly talked about the incident. 

  1. 11. Yokozuna

Bret Hart found himself in a bad spot while a Banzai Drop from Yokozuna back in the day. According to Hart, Yokozuna was suffering from some bad diarrhea and when Yoko was about to hit the move Hart looked up and saw a brown stain on his tights. At that point, all he could do is stay down and wait for the inevitable to happen. 

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Another incident happened when Bret Hart and The Undertaker were both backstage and they heard a loud bang followed by the sound of running water. Taker and Hart then found Yokozuna on the floor, covered in poop as the toilet he was sitting on collapsed. According to the story, the two wrestlers couldn’t help themselves from laughing as Yoko asked for help. 


Justine Kish was trying to get out of a rear-naked choke during the third round of a strawweight match against Felice Herrig when she appeared to lose control and poop her pants right in the middle of the fight. Hey, when you’re being choked unconscious, sometimes the body just does what it wants to do… and to her credit, she had probably the best response about happened: 

Kish ended up losing to Herrig in a unanimous decision to drop to 6-1 on her UFC career. But after the match, she joked about what happened during the fight. She vowed to recover from both the loss and the public humiliation she’s facing as a result of the incident that took place 

Good for her. But still, yuck. It’s one thing to lose, but it’s another to lose like that. 


Tim Sylvia took the most famous garbage in mixed martial arts history on January 16th, 2006 in a fight against Assuerio Silva. Sylvia spent the entire day combatting a random bug that gave him some pretty bad diarrhea, and the problem didn’t go away once he stepped into the cage. About halfway through the fight, his bowels let go and you can see a brown stain on his shorts several times during the fight.  

Not only was this fight aired on SpikeTV, making it the first cable TV poop in MMA history, but the story has become a part of sports folklore amongst fans, with people regularly bringing it up. Search engine site Google has well over a million-page result on the subject, from people joking about it to Zapruder style multimedia of the stain itself to interviews with Tim where he stoically mans up about the incident. 

This one’s super tough to notice, and probably would have gone unseen if Tim didn’t fess up. In his own words: 

I got really sick Saturday and had problems holding my innards. When I was warming up, I had a few problems, and I actually had a few problems in the ring when I was fighting. 

I don’t know what it was. It got really cold when we were outside working out and stuff, going back and forth from the room. I caught something, and I just couldn’t hold in my number twos… If you look at the fight you’ll see that when my shorts came down, you’ll see the wet mark in my underwear.” 


Leading up to his fight, Kevin Randleman got a bad case of the runs. What makes this one extra bad is that it was a fight between a BJJ player and a wrestler. If it was a couple of strikers staying on their feet, that’s not nearly as bad as taking someone’s back and feeling the warm squish of a turd against your body. His story is similar to Tim’s: he got hit with a bad case of diarrhea on the day of his fight with Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral at UFC 35, leading to what must have been the most uncomfortable matchup of wrestler vs jiu-jitsu fighter in a long while. 

Fortunately, whatever happened in Randleman’s tights stayed in his tights, and it wasn’t just him that ended up with a bad case of the trots that night. A huge chunk of the UFC staff and fighters were also suffering from similar effects, generally attributed to the hotel restaurant everyone was staying at (which ironically enough was named “The Octagon”). Props to Kevin for admitting it happened, it takes a real man to own up to that. Heart of a champion, bowels of a journeyman. 


Before getting choked out at UFC 180, Brown choked out something brown of his own. When something like this happens, you can either let it break you or you can use it to your advantage. It smells worse for the other guy than it does for you, and if you have the mental fortitude to just ignore it, it’s going to throw your opponent off their game. 

6.John Cena 

John Cena has done a lot of things that many professional wrestlers will never do in their careers. One of the things Cena can say he’s done is crap his pants in the ring or more accurately speaking, under the ring. 

John Cena has told the tale in interviews as well as on Total Divas, but he ended up crapping his pants during a match with Scott Steiner. Cena entered the match with a brutal case of food poisoning and at one point felt like he had to puke. Cena then crawled under the ring so that he could vomit in a place where the audience couldn’t see him, but while he was vomiting he also crapped his pants. Maybe that’s why he enjoys poop jokes so much. 


This one has yet to be officially confirmed, but it’s somewhat of an urban legend in the wrestling community. The story goes that during the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania 13, Sid pooped his pants while battling The Undertaker. Taker then supposedly had to deal with the smell while giving Sid the Tombstone. 

There are a lot of rumours still going around about this one so it’s tough to tell what’s true or not. One rumour suggests that The Undertaker confirmed the incident at some point and another rumour claims that the incident happened at a house show before WrestleMania 13. Like we said, this is somewhat of an urban legend in the wrestling world, but considering that this article itself is a testament to the fact that these types of things do happen, it’s not hard to believe. 

4.CM Punk 

CM Punk revealed during his tell-all podcast with Colt Cabana that he had been wrestling with a staph infection before his WWE departure. Punk also revealed that he was given Z-Paks by a WWE doctor and that the antibiotics didn’t clear up the infection, they instead created a whole new problem for Punk. 

Thanks to the antibiotics that CM Punk was taking, he couldn’t help himself during a match at a SmackDown taping and he defecated in his trunks.


Yoel is a genius. To help people forget about the time he shat himself, he followed up by avoiding a KO by simply not getting up from his seat in between rounds, and those extra few seconds proved to be very useful since he was able to get his wits about him and go on to beat Tim Kennedy. After that, he got himself into some hot water after his biblical rant in which people thought he said “No for gay, Jesus”, but he claims he was trying to say “Don’t forget Jesus.” After those two spectacles, people barely talk about the time he shit all over himself. 

2.Vince McMahon 

Vince McMahon is the most powerful man in the professional wrestling industry. He’s done it all, including sharting himself before going out to the ring. During an appearance on The Opie and Anthony radio show a few years ago, Jim Ross shared a story about Vince McMahon trying to play a prank that went wrong. 

According to Ross, Vince McMahon farted in Gerald Brisco’s face as he was waiting for his music to hit before going to the ring, but the fart was more than a fart. Like a true professional, Vince made his way to the ring wearing khaki pants with a nice brown racing stripe in the back during a live broadcast of Monday Night Raw. 


We don’t know his name, which is good news for this random Karate fighter who let out a deuce during a match. 

Not pointing fingers, but it was probably the guy in the shorts. 

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