Top 10 moments captured on Camera

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Have you ever watched a video on your computer or television screen and your first reaction was, What the hell did I just watch?” Well, after watching this video, your reaction would be the same. Since the invention of  cameras, a lot of things are getting caught on the cameras. The things like paranormal activity and home intruders have become quite normal. Our world is full of creepy things, and some of those creepy things are caught on live TV.

10. An Injured Intruder: There was a man who was living with his godparents. One day at 6pm, when his godfather returns home from work asks why there is a blood near the pool. Although, the guy had no idea at first. But later, he pulled up the security footage, which showed that a man was jumping the fence in a broad daylight and was cutting himself with barbed wire. Plus, he was looking for ways to get into the house. It’s scary to think what could have happened if the window was open. Since the intention of Injured Intruder was unclear.  

9. Creepy Game Show Host: This one is not scary, but it’s rather creepy and weird at the same time. Back in the 1980s, in Canada, there was a show called, “Just like Mom”.  The whole format was a kid and their mom would try to match each other’s answers to the questions. And see how alike they were. However, the show was being hosted by Fergie Olver and his wife. Although, he was an amazing host but there was something weird about him. He had an odd habit of kissing minors on the lips. Yes, you heard it right. He used to kiss them on the lips. Sometimes he would trick the kids into kissing him. This guy was creepy back then, and we wonder why this guy wasn’t kicked out of the show. 

8. Serial Killer on a Dating Show: we all are aware of the fact that we don’t really know what do we get on the blind date. Well, there was a dating game back in 1978, on one episode. The episode was all about the guys and girls. The guys had to stay behind the wall, and a woman would ask them questions. And at the end of asking, the woman had a choice who to go out with based on the guy’s answer to the question. The things got interested when a Serial Killer named, Rodney Alcala” went on the show and won the date with a girl. People didn’t know that he was a serial killer until he answered some questions that sounded super creepy. 

7. UFO News Flash: Many people believe in aliens, but there is a few of them who believe in UFOs. And people laugh when you tell me that you have seen a UFO because they think it’s a load of made-up nonsense. Well, there was this man named, Gary Stallman.” He was convinced that the CIA had been covering up many things related to UFOs and aliens. So the first thing he did was to write to his local station. They invited him on their station, but it turned out a huge mistake. He pulled out a fake gun on a reporter and demanded him to run out his story about the CIA. 

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6. Kissing Gameshow Host: We have already watched the clip of creepy kissing of Fergie Olver. Well, it turns out he was not the only game show host who was into some creepy crap. There was another guy, whose name was Richard Dawson. Many clips of him showed that he was caught smooching his contestants a few years back. His show was called, “Family Feud” which is still going till date. He even earned a nickname on the show, “Kissing Bandit” Because he used to kiss every single woman on his show. However, the producers tried stopping him from his weird acts, but he didn’t listen to them. His answer was, “I kiss the woman for the good luck”  

5. Oriental Yeti: Hunters in China have recently trapped a strange-looking creature dubbed as “Oriental Yeti”. However, many experts believe that the animal in the cage is no “Oriental Yeti”. It looks a lot like a bear, but it doesn’t have any fur. Plus, it has a long tail like kangaroo. The best thing is it doesn’t sound like a bear. Its Voice is similar to that of a cat. Some people believe it’s the last one of its kind. Mr Coleman, from International Cryptozoology Museum, believe if this weird animal sounds like a cat, then it is a cat and there’s no doubt in that. It was later confirmed that it was Palm Civet. 

4. Chupacabra: Many biologists believe that, chupacabra, is an urban legend. However, numerous accounts insist that some kind of chupacabra looking creature is sucking the blood from their livestock. The creature was spotted by a man and it was wandering around Houston’s west side corridor. From the picture, it looks like it’s a dog suffering from some kind of disease or maybe it’s a picture of a coyote. But the man was one hundred percent sure that the weird-looking creature was no other than the blood-sucking chupacabra.  

3.  Baby Alien(found by Mexican Farmer): Back in May 2007, a Mexican television revealed an unbelievable story. A baby Alien was found alive by the farmer. Yes, you heard it right, a baby alien was actually found by a farmer hailing from Mexico. However, soon after the discovery, the farmer drowned it into the ditch out of fear. The farmer further revealed that he had to hold the alien baby under the water for many hours. Long story short, after two years, back in 2009. Scientists found the remains of an alien baby and examined it since it didn’t look anything like a human. Tests revealed that it had similar parts like humans, however its skeleton had characteristics of a lizard. They further examined the creature and said that the creature was very intelligent. 

2. Living Gollum: Some Panamanian children found something looking like a living Gollum in a cave. Many media outlets even claimed that it was an actual living Gollum. But soon after its discovery. Many scientists tested the creature, and soon, the secret was out. The creature was nothing more than a common sloth, which was decomposed due to the seawater for a few months before its discovery. And many rumors suggest that its dying words were, “My preciousssss……”. However, it was not proven. 

1. Metepec Creature: Last but not least, Metapec creature, which was believed to be some kind of alien, turned out hoax by the Mexican men who reported it first. Many tests revealed that it’s nothing more than a skinny squirrel monkey baby. However, its skin tissues and teeth do not match other of its kind. Although, it was a hoax but many people still claim that it’s something else and not an ordinary squirrel. Anyway, for this and other mysterious creatures, you shall be the judge and tell us,”What do you think?” Are these creatures real? Or just a faction? Since there are a majority of people who believe these kinds of stories. And some of them even witnessed them and took pictures.  

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