Top 10 Waste of Points in Call of Duty Zombies

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Zombies, originally known as Nazi Zombies, is a game mode appearing in Treyarch games that first appeared in Call of Duty: World at War. In Zombies, players face zombies of various nationalities depending on the location of the map, including Germans, Americans, Russians and Asians. Zombies content is only considered canon in its own universe. Up to four players, eight on Grief, must survive endless waves of attacking zombies, earning points from killing or damaging zombies and repairing barriers. These points can be used to purchase weapons and Perk-a-Colas in the process, or unlock new areas and activate other special objects. Zombies enter the player-accessible area of the map via windows, holes in walls, or climbing out of a “dirt” surface, which are initially barricaded but will be rapidly demolished by zombies. But some of them are so useless that serve no purpose to the game and takes up all the players points. 

  1. The Shi No Numa Zipline

This is nothing personal against ziplines, they are a great tool. But the ziplines that was in The Call of the Dead, actually that was useful, the reason for that is because Call of the Dead is a big map, it takes quite a while to get from place to place, so actually that zipline became very useful. But the Shi No Numa, its not exactly a big map, is it? It’s a small map and the zipline cost one thousand five hundred points to use, you can probably run that zipline in about ten or maybe thirteen seconds. The zipline literally takes you from the center of the map to one of the four areas, its basically pointless for fifteen hundred points, its ridiculous price. Honestly, the amount of times you could use this zipline in Shi No Numa map is maybe once, just to try it out, and for fifteen thousand points? You could probably buy decent perks from that price point. Frankly speaking, if this zipline wasn’t added in Shi No Numa, nobody would actually miss it in this map. Its pretty much pointless, maybe a quick escape now and again but for that price rage, you honestly cannot justify using it.  

  1. The mysterious door of the Rocket

Even though the original version of The Rocket has been out for years and years, almost since the beginning of 2008 or maybe 2009, not sure exactly. It’s a bet a lot of you has not seen this door yet because it is so pointless. Its in the starter room and costs seven hundred fifty points, which is relatively cheap & not too bad, but for that price you would think what’s behind this door is going to be something useful, and maybe say a secret route to somewhere else in the map. It is going to take us somewhere we don’t know? You would say let’s find out, lets open it, but there is nothing, its just an empty room. Now, in the original version of The Rocket, when you open this door, you would see that behind this in that room there is the bar. Okay, that’s not a bad weapon, until you find out that the bar has a bipod on it. Yes, its got a bipod on it, there is no way around the map, there’s no way on the rocket where you could lay this bipod, pull it down, shoot the zombies, basically you cannot use it as a weapon. It costs two thousand five hundred  points and we have a bar with the bipod. I mean you cant just justify using that many points anyway, maybe a thousand or something like that but if it was just a normal bar it would be too bad, its still a bit stupid just to buy one door to get this weapon, but it has a bipod on it and you cant use it. It just feels like that Call of Duty is trolling us. On the Zombies Chronical version of the Rocket, it’s a little bit better, but still seven hundred fifty points to buy a door that leads to nowhere, just to get a weapon that you can easily get out of the box without having to open any more doors than you usually would. 

  1. The Who’s Who

One of the worst, if not, its going to be most pointless perk and also the worst perks we have had in Zombies. What was Treyarch even thinking? Treyarch first introduced this perk on Die Rise. Well, that was the only map we saw it on because it was so bad, it’s pointless. It’s basically Quick Revive, but its Who’s Who? Okay, so if you don’t know how this perk works, what it does it’s just like Quick revive, it allows the player to revive themself after they are down, if you get hit by a zombie, the player will then take control of a doppelganger, then you have to use this version to revive yourself. How can you have a worse version than Quick Revive? Quick Revive is one of the simplest perks, being with those since beginning, how can you mess something like this up, it doesn’t make any sense. You either buy Quick revive or Who’s who, what are you going to buy? This perk cost two thousand points, if you have never used it, definitely go and give it a try, its on Die Rise map and I’m willing to bet you are probably not going to buy it again. Its certainly a fun perk to use but its just useless.  

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  1. The door on TranZit

In TranZit, there are two spawn doors that you can open; one you open simply by building The Turbine, literally takes maybe fifteen to twenty seconds to build and you can make you way out of the spawn room for free, you don’t have to pay anything or you could choose to buy a door to give out, that door cost seven hundred fifty points. Not too bad but why would you spend seven hundred fifty points, especially when those points are vital on the starting rounds. Why would you buy that door if you could go out for free? It literally takes no effort to cut the Turbine parts and build it.  

  1. The sniper cabinet on Nacht der Untoten

So, in Nacht der Untoten, the smallest map in Zombies, there’s literally three doors that you can open. Well, on the top floor there is cabinet, if you open this cabinet it costs one thousand seven hundred points. You may think, okay that’s interesting, what’s in here? There is a sniper, specifically The Kar98K, one of the worst mystery box weapons that you can buy in Zombies. Foe fifteen hundred points, you could buy this weapon or you could just buy a mystery box for nine hundred fifty points, where you are guaranteed a better weapon. On the Black Ops version, specifically Black Ops 3 version, its good to Zombie Chronicles where Nacht der Untoten returns, since the Kar98k isn’t in Black Ops 3 instead it is replaced with a Locus. Alright, it’s a better sniper rifle, its not bad, fifteen hundred points might be worth it? No, its at the same price anymore, now its five thousand points for a sniper.  

  1. Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife use to be awesome, it was cool when you get it and up until round nine you would get one shot knife, which was great for making points and generally you would make back your points, which was cool. But, in Black Ops 2, the Bowie knife became obsolete. There is no reason that you should go and buy it, when you could simply get tree point thousand points with which you could get Galvaknuckles. Bowie knife last around eleven in Black Ops 2 and fourteen for the Galvaknuckles, clearly a winner there. In TranZit, it is a one shot but with Bowie knife it’s a two shot. That doesn’t sounds like a lot but it is so crucial that you are not being faced rays by the deads when you are playing in that map and the bowie knife just doesn’t cut it.  

  1. The Ray Gun

Moving down to the number four on our list we have The Ray Gun, and more specifically the ray gun on an early round. Now, there nothing more bittersweet in Zombies than Ray gun on round three. On one hand you have one of the best guns in the game, you are pretty much death proof for quite a few rounds, anything gets in your way you can blast it with ease. On the other hand, everything seems to cost more when you have a Ray gun. It’s just so brutal for getting points, its like fifty points for a kill, ten shots for the hitmarker, whereas an SMG would be ten to fifteen points for hitmarkers and then another hundred for the headshot, its like you are confused, what do you want to go with? The obvious answer is a SMG but a t the same time you just got a Ray gun, it’s an awful situation t get yourself into but regardless, the Ray gun is a huge waste of points.  

  1. Mule Kick

Mule kick literally servers zero amount of purpose in Zombies and here’s why; when it would be of use to you? Its at an early round, so before round fifteen. It probably help the cause, but there are so many better things could be spending four thousands points on, that’s almost like a Pack-a-Punch and Quick revive, there are so many things you could be spending your points on. You don’t need Mule kick at an early round, there are much better things to spend your money on.  

  1. GobbleGum

Buying three Gobblegums in one round. Now, in Black Ops 3 there is a system called GobbleGums where you can get different abilities, so there is classics and there is Mega Gobblegums, the Mega being better and the liquid Divinium that you can ear while playing Zombies. The thing about the Gobblegum is that at first its always going to be free at the start of the round, it use to be five hundred points when the game first came out and then ended up changing it. The second one depending on what round you are on is going to be a little bit more expensive but the one that is the biggest waste is the third Gobblegum. Now, if you make it past round one hundred, one spin of the third Gobblegum is going to be over one Million points. Which is absolutely ridiculous. 

  1. Double Pack-a-Punch

In Black Ops 3, double pack-a-punch is awesome, its only five hundred points, you get a different ability on you gun, you can get it turned, you can get dead wire, you can get blast furnace, you can even get fireworks as well, so there’s some awesome abilities that you can get in Black Ops 3. But in Black Ops 2, they didn’t actually had these abilities but some of the guns were able to be double pack-a-punch and even triple sometimes. What they did in Black Ops 2, is that they only changed the attachments that were on the gun and it ended up costing two thousand points. Now, the reason this is a waste is because there is really no point to get it because you don’t end up getting any ammo back and all you do is change the attachment. 

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