Top 5 NBA Players you didn’t know were living in the streets

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Did you know that many NBA pro players were living in the streets before they become rich? However, in our todays video, we will be discussing the top 5 NBA Players who were poor before they go pro. Many NBA players were once unfortunate, and they could not even fulfill their basic needs, but now they are living luxurious lives. Verily, with every difficulty, there is ease. That being said, if we look at the top NBA players lives, then we would notice that they are enjoying their lives. And all credit goes to their enthusiastic fans because, as a society, we pay hundreds of millions of dollars to our favorite athletes. We might consider them lucky people, but little do we know that they put their skills and hard work to earn that status.

LeBron James: Lebron James is one of the greatest players of today’s era. But little do you know about his childhood. He went through the difficult phase of life because he was born to a 16-year-old single mother with an absent father. Life was a struggle for him and his mother. His mother had to live with her mother and grandmother. But suddenly, when her mother died, Gloria and her brothers could not keep up the house. So, LeBron’s mother started her struggle to provide for her son. By the time LeBron hit elementary school, he was embarrassed by his lifestyle, and that was why he faced difficulty while making friends. However, Basketball and football both were his distractions, and he was missing school. Anyway, his football coach soon realized his addiction to sports. So, he agreed to open his home to the young athlete. Soon, his love for Basketball prevailed over football, and has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat for 14 seasons. Today, his net worth is over $275 million. He faced a difficult time rising to the top, even when he was in the NBA. But anyway, guys, this is the story of LeBron James, who went from Homeless to NBA GOAT. 

Jimmy Buttler: Parents love their children, don’t they? But that was not true in the case of Jimmy Buttler, although his family loved him enough that lead him to become an NBA All-Star. But, as we have told you earlier that his birth parents did not love him. Soon after he was born, his father left his mom. Plus, his mother was not nurturing either. Her mother’s last words to him at the age of 13 were, “I don’t like the look of you. You gotta go.” Now let us know what would think if you hear these words from your mother. But, Jimmy Buttler never let his circumstances to consume his ambitions. He, too, wanted to become a great athlete since he was already fond of football and Basketball. But little did he know that one day he will achieve his goals., and he will be living the life he once dreamt. Anyway, his love for football vanished because he hated getting crushed by bigger guys since he was only 5’3 when he was 13 years old. Jimmy Buttler might be homeless during his childhood, but not only he became an NBA star, but he also had a loving family to share the memories of his success.  

Carmelo Anthony: Carmelo Anthony was just two years old when his father died of cancer. When he turned eight years old, his family moved to Baltimore, where he sharpened his athletic skills and survival skills. He was exposed to violence and drugs, all while trying to hone his skills. His love for sports served as an essential diversion from violence and every kind of killings. He did not ever let his spirits down because of these circumstances. In fact, these things motivated him to become the best version of him. He continued to grow, and so did his game. He was becoming better day by day, and now, if we look at him, his basketball instincts are impeccable. He understands how to use his size and his brain effectively. Carmelo Anthony can score from anywhere on the floor; his form is stable, and is a slasher in a court. Plus, he has become a dangerous long-distance shooter; his body control and athleticism are extraordinary. After all, Anthony has worked hard for it, and he is not only the best player but also a wonderful human being. Plus, he had already contributed 1.5 Million dollars to the living class foundations. 

Kevin Durant: Kevin Durant’s father abandoned him when he was an infant; his mother all alone took care of Kevin and his brothers. His mother had to work long hours to meet both ends meet. According to Kevin himself, if it were not for his mother’s struggle, he would still be living in the streets. However, we all cannot argue that his mother is the real MVP here since she did all the hard work during Kevin’s childhood. And knowing where Kevin Durant is today, all the credit goes to his mother. Today, Durant is one of the top 10 highest-paid athletes in the world. His mother said that she used to work extra hours so that Kevin could work on his goals. Plus, Kevin himself attributes his success to his mother. Long before going to the NBA, he had a fantastic freshmen year at Texas. Durant won Rookie of the Year and became the third NBA rookie to average more than 20 points a game. The other two players were LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. And it has started to make sense because all of these players had a difficult childhood, now they are ruling the NBA. 

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Ben McLemore: Ben McLemore grew up in a poverty-stricken household, and just like other players we have listed, he was also raised by a single mother. Plus, his brother served a prison sentence for armed burglary. According to his family, going to school was the only time McLemore had a chance to eat. After the shutdown of school, most of his friends turned to drug dealing or other violent crimes. After all, it is true that your environment either breaks you makes you. And in Ben McLemore’s case, it was the latter. By far, Ben McLemore is the most talented young player. Since he grew up in the most impoverished community, he says, “It was impossible to play Basketball when nothing was inside of you.” Till today, he cannot forget the struggles of his mother and his brother. It was hard for him to wake up, knowing there was no beverage and no food. His mother had to sacrifice her for everything. Be it food or the right clothes. There was a time when the family had nothing to eat, so they go on for a day or two, and the only meal they sometimes had was at his school. But now he can afford anything he wants and is living the life he once dreamt of. He never gave up on his dreams, and that is the reason he is lavishly living his life. 

That’s all for today’s video comment below, and let us know, “What are thoughts on these players and their struggles?” If you liked this video, then you would love watching our other videos on sports that we have already uploaded on our channel. Especially, “What NBA Players Really Think About Russel Westbrook, and What the NBA Players think of Giannis Winning the MVP.

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