“Top 5 Times Michael Jordan Sought REVENGE”

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Standing out in a crowd is something you can witness often in the NBA but some players only need a match to light up the whole world around them. And Michael Jordan is someone who knows how to do it the best. 

Number 5: Antoine Walker on target 

This is a great story of what goes around comes around and I will give Michael Jordan a 10 for the counterattack. If you’ve already guessed, we’re talking about “The Last Dance” that has provided a source of entertainment for basketball fans all over the world. You all remember when Antoine Walker celebrated in front of Jordan after their opening day upset. And Jordan vowed to get revenge. 

Walker surely got the chance to go toe-to-toe in the opening night of the 1997-98 season. Playing for Boston Celtics, Walker was the No. 6 overall pick. The young Celtics squad stunned the Bulls, 92-85, and was pumped by the fact that they were beating the legendary Bulls squad. Chicago went into the second quarter leading 32-12, and Walker was on fire from the field. As any other Chicagoan would’ve done, Walker unleashed his signature shimmy dance, and trust me, Jordan didn’t like that very much. Unaware of what he had done, Jordan vowed to get revenge on Walker and the Celtics. 

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We can hear Pitino recalling that night, “I’ll never forget, as long as I live, we were going back to the locker room, and Michael Jordan is yelling at Antoine,” the coach says. “He’s screaming at him and swearing at him. And I said, ‘Holy (expletive), what happened there?’ 

“Then the assistant coaches explained to me that apparently Antoine was shimmying and dancing, and Michael started screaming, ‘Antoine, you won’t be (expletive) dancing when you come to Chicago.’ He kept saying it, and I said, ‘Oh, (expletive).’” 

Over the next 3 meetings, the Bulls manhandled the Celtics by 10, 11, and 23 points. It’s a great example of what not do in front of MJ. Well, he should’ve don’t his moves in private. 

Number 4: LaBradford Smith’s career night 

You might not remember LaBradford smith and his forgettable career before his name came beside Michael Jordan. You’re not alone to be honest because after the Washington Bullets selected the Louisville guard with the 19th pick of the 1991 NBA draft, LaBradford stayed out of a lot of minds. But, as for March 19, 1993 he got himself eligible for today’s video.  That’s the night when he gave a performance that left Michael Jordan feeling so embarrassed that he set out to match Smith’s total in the first half of the teams’ rematch the following night at Capital Centre. 

LaBradford Smith was in his second season in the NBA and had the game of his life that night, while Michael Jordan did not have his best shooting night, making just nine of his 27 shots on his way to 25 points. Following the game, reporters were all over LaBradford Smith. Even though the Bulls won the game, that player was able to outplay Michael Jordan for the majority of the game. Jordan took the thing personally and planed for perfect revenge the following night. What happens when MJ feels he has been outplayed in the game? he matches the points only in the first half. You heard me right, Jordan shot the ball much better than he had the previous night in Chicago and lit up Smith and the Bullets, nearly reaching his goal by scoring 36 points in the first half. LaBradford Smith said he was warned that Michael Jordan was coming for him. 

Number 3: Kyle Lowry taking charge 

Nothing can drive Jordan crazy more than the opponent taking charge only when he’s on his way to the basket. That’s the moment that Lowry was successful to accomplish but it didn’t turn out to be best for him. In the fourth quarter of a March regular-season game, Jordan was up 20 on the Raptors and he needed two more to get 50. And just when he drives towards the basket, Kyle Lowry came up to take a charge and somehow got the call. Although Jordan finishes the night with 48 and a win, the slight interruption wasn’t forgotten. 

Lowry’s entire vibe made Jordan so mad that Jordan went Kobe-on–Jalen Rose in their next meeting and dropped 82 points. Postgame, Doris Burke asked whether his rivalry with Lowry was personal and Jordan just replied: “Who?” 

Well, we can expect that from MJ. 


Number 2: James Harden’s Free-throws 

James Harden, the reigning NBA MVP can be seen scoring a lot of free-throw line and he always has. When Harden finished with 43 points, 21 out of them were from the free-throw line. And, it’s not like Jordan never took any free throws. He led the league in attempts during the 1986-87 season, but one little shake was enough to give Jordan a spark and Harden got his name written on the revenge list. The 12th all-time Harden became his equally despised and inverse nemesis of Isiah Thomas. Michael Jordan played it smooth and dropped 50 exclusively from the line. Now that’s Michael Jordan style and there’s no denying that it is one of the best moments of revenge from Jordan. 


Number 1: Bryon Russell asking for it 

You can never guess which moment can offend Michael Jordan and why. And for many players with their names in Jordan’s revenge list, they wouldn’t have offended him on purpose. But this player literally asked for it. We all remember MJ’s baseball days. Bryon Russell was a member of Utah jazz those days and was preparing to play Chicago in an upcoming game. The night before the game, he went to a gym for a little workout when he saw Michael Jordan there with his baseball trainer. Finding the best opportunity to introduce himself to Jordan, he went up to him and said what was going to strike him years after. Asking Michael Jordan that why he retired and that he wanted to get the chance to guard Jordan and defend him because he knew he could stop him, was enough for a spark. After years, in 1996, Jordan was back in the league and when he played Utah he knew that Russell would be there. So he gave Russell the chance he always wanted. We know how that ended because Russell got a bullseye on his back since then. 

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