Twitter permanently bans Kangana Ranaut’s account after ‘hateful’ video

Twitter permanently suspended the account of Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut for repeatedly violating its rules on hateful and offensive behavior.

The comment came after Ranaut posted a video calling for the president to rule over West Bengal. He took to Instagram to say his account was suspended after he posted the video on Tuesday morning.

Ranaut tweeted about the alleged violence in the state after the Trinamol Congressional election victory in India, led by Mamata Banerjee, on Sunday.

In a tweet, the actor urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to screen his “Virat Roop” from “early 2000s” to “tame” Banerjee in Bengal, much to the ire of some Twitter users, who asked the US platform to take action.

“We have made it clear that we will take strict measures to enforce the code of conduct that may cause harm offline. The account referred to has been permanently suspended due to repeated violations of Twitter’s rules, specifically the Hateful Conduct Policy and the Abusive Behavior Policy,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement . “We enforce Twitter laws fairly and impartially for everyone on our service.”

According to Twitter’s Abusive Behavior Policy, “Users may not engage in harassment directed at someone or incite others to do so.” Twitter considers the abusive behavior “an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.”

“Twitter has only proven my point of view that they are Americans and that a white person feels at birth that he has the right to enslave a dark person, and wants to tell you what he should think or speak or do. Fortunately, I have several platforms that I can use to raise my voice included ..

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