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Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence

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Ubisoft has announced The Division Resurgence by Tom Clancy, a new free entry in its Shooter Shooter series for smartphones with a complete launch in 2023.

Like its largest console and PC Brothers, Resurgence will be a role -playing role -playing game set in an open world, with a new stories campaign that will offer a “new perspective on the key events of history.”

Once again, you play as an allied agent to the strategic division of the homeland in an America after the crisis, after an outbreak of deadly virus and the collapse of the government. Current!

A press release for resurgence mentions both the solo and cooperative game in a varity of PVE activities.

Before Resurgence’s complete launch next year, a closed alpha version of the game will be available that can now record.

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