Virgin Galactic aims for 400 flights a year with two new ‘motherships’

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Virgin Galactic is preparing to take more tourists on the edge of space, working with Boeing to build two new “mothers” that will take the plans of rocket spaces to launch the altitude. Everything is part of the plan to reach 400 flights a year: every day and twice on Sundays, maybe.

The VG approach, which has been carried out several times with the test equipment and the founder Richard Branson on board, has the spacecraft tied to the belly of a larger and more personalized plane, which gives the first one a race beginning and It jumps the need for the acceleration of rockets through the acceleration of the rockets more dense of the atmosphere.

Although the VMS Eve is certainly an interesting plane involved in a clearly futuristic effort, namely space tourism, has been in service since 2008. Although its limited flights have barely made a dent in their life, the intermediate years have led to numerous Improvements and efficiencies that can be incorporated into successor crafts, and the time has come to build them in preparation for commercial operations.

To that end, VG has taken advantage of the Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing subsidiary originally focused on avant -garde autonomous aircraft, to build two of these production models by 2025. It is a bit strange, since Aurora’s experience is mainly with The construction of UAV smaller, not huge and unusual and unusual craft like these, but the company has probably integrated more than a small Boeing DNA since its acquisition in 2017.

These new ships are an “evolution, instead of EVA, said a VG representative, and will not carry a new designation (technically, Eve is a Whiteknightwo model, an evolution of the white knight, designed by Burt Route years before) .

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That explains why the CG render of the new ship is structurally identical to the previous one, although it is not clear why it seems that they drawn it in Sketchup:

In a press release, CEO Michael Colglazier said that the new plane will be “faster to produce, easier to maintain and allow us Fly substantially more missions every year. “This echoes the improvements that are made in the spacecraft, than the president of VG, Mike Moses, described last year as more focused on softening commercial operations than in improving performance or “Fix” anything.

Although I asked, it is not clear what designation the new ship will have: it seems to be unstable for now and it will be revealed only when crafts are implemented. It is not necessarily important, but it is good to know if these will be something like Whiteknightwopoint or Whiteknightthree.

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