Volkswagen planning ‘big moves’ and hiring spree in China

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The Volkswagen CEO, Herbert Diess, said the company is planning “great movements” in China.

The second largest car manufacturer in the world is reinforcing the operations in its largest market to maintain the pace of fast -growing Chinese car manufacturers and the preferences of customers that change quickly.

“We will make some important investments in China,” Diess said in an interview published Tuesday on LinkedIn. “In a few years, we will have several thousand software people in China.”

During the interview with Chang Qing, the CEO of Cariad China, the internal automotive software of Volkswagen Arm, Diess highlighted Volkswagen’s need to keep up with the Chinese market and invest in its local operations.

The growth of its presence in China will help Volkswagen respond quickly to changes in the local market, especially in two crucial areas: autonomous driving technology and user experience in the car, “which in China is really different and sophisticated “said Diess.

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He cited the demand for the consumer of audio systems designed for the karaoke, “an inner camera to take photos” and the transmission capabilities.

“We have arrived, a few years ago, until the conclusion that developing this in Europe for China will not work,” said Diess. “We have to do it there.”

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