What NBA Players Really Think About Russel Westbrook ?

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f you ask us about the most underrated player in the history of the NBA, we would, undoubtedly, name Russel Westbrook. However, there are a few other things you need to remember. If you are like one of us and have watched him since the day he entered the league, then you would notice that he is a guy of commitment. His hustle, his grind, and his git are all we love, but currently, the media is not portraying his accurate image even though he is a great player with extraordinary skills. But wait a minute, let’s see what NBA players think of him. So, without wasting your time any further, let’s get into it. 

ince you all are watching this video and we assume that you already know who Russel Westbrook is, but little do you know that he lacks self-criticism, and that’s the reason he has earned a lot of detractors in the league. Besides, we are not only talking about the fans, but also NBA players. And today, in this video, we are going to tell you about the names of some famous NBA players who are not a big fan of Russel Westbrook. In addition to that, he doesn’t deal with his fans and the media the way he should. Even though there is no doubt that he is a good player, but he has his downsides. For instance, he is a terrible decision-maker in the plays offs. So, we are also acknowledging the fact he is his biggest enemy, and it puts his reputation at stake. 

  1. Jusuf Nurkic: Jusuf Nurkic, hands down, is the biggest hater, or you could say he is one of the topmost critics of Russel Westbrook. Whenever Russel posts anything on social media, he gets criticized heavily by no other than Jusuf himself. In last year, when we were not under the thick cloud of the pandemic, he wore a shirt with lots of bricks that read, “Got Bricks? Next Question,” taking a shot at Russ for his attitude towards his fans and the media. Moreover, he never misses a chance to make fun of Russel’s shooting skills. 
  2. Damian Lillard: Although, there is a full history of Damian Lillard and Russel Westbrook beef. However, during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Lillard cleared all the air and said that he and Russel are good friends regardless of the things that happened at the game. Anyway, let’s dig into beef history, shall we? It all started back in 2019 when there was a match between Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trail Blazers. Lillard corned him, and Russel fell on the court. From that incident, it was clear that they both are not on good terms, but as we have already told you in the beginning, this beef didn’t last long, and Lillard made everything clear that they are good friends regardless of the things happened in the past. 
  3. Joel Embiid: As we have already told you that Russel is his own biggest enemy, and the beef between Joel Embiid and him clearly explains this. It all started when Embiid was trying to go up for a block, but instead, he came crashing onto Russel’s body. When the game ended, the media asked Russel whether he and Embiid were cool. He replied bluntly, “F.. No.” And that kind of attitude is taking him nowhere. However, Joel Embiid was willing to work it out. He stated, “We are on the same team, and I am willing to work it out.” While on the other hand, when a reporter asked Russel about Embiid, he hit him with, “next question, champ.” Meanwhile, Embiid told the reporter, when asked about Russel, that he always in his feelings. However, we, as fans, would want them to sort out their difference, but let’s see what the future holds. 
  4. Stephen Curry: It all started when Russel made fun of Stephen Curry for his poor defense. Back 2017, when a reporter asked Russel whether Curry is an underrated defender, Russel cracked up. And his disrespectful laugh did the all the talking for him. But now, Stephen Curry is a three-time NBA champion, even with his poor defense. Plus, Stephan Curry also stated that James Harden should win the MVP title instead of Russel. 
  5. Kevin Durant: Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook may have sorted out their differences, but there was a power struggle when both were a pair. Everyone knew that Kevin Durant was the best player, but Russel wanted the position. And that’s why Durant left for the warrior because he was very well aware of Russel’s intentions. If only they had put their differences aside and focused on winning the championship, then the things would have been different. But now, their relationship is repairing faster than most people realize. 
  6. Serge Ibaka: Russel Westbrook never misses a chance to make fun of Serge Ibaka’s English. However, Serge does not hate Russel because they both have shared a lot of great moments in the court. But once, while they both were in the same team, they lost against Lebron James and Miami Heat. And Serge Ibaka openly called him out for the way he refused to trust the rest of the teammates, and he stated that it is “hard” to play with Russel from time to time. 
  7. Jeremy Lamb: The beef between Jeremy Lamb and Russel Westbrook is still a mystery. It all started when Jeremy refused to give him a high-five mid-game when they both were teammates. The public was quick to judge the cold-bloodedly stares given by Jeremy to Russel. Later, Westbrook even admitted they both were not on good terms, but he claimed that they both have already cleared the air. 
  8. Kobe Bryant: In 2015, a reporter asked Kobe, “Anybody have that same fire, that same passion that you have for the game?” and Kobe Replied, “Westbrook plays mean. He plays mean as I did.” This statement proves that Kobe was an admirer of Westbrook. And that’s not all, Kobe, when he played his final session of NBA 2015-2016, he stated that Russel is the most athletic player I have ever played against. 
  9. Michael Jordan: During an interview, Michael Jordan told about Russel, “Thirty years ago that’s me. The attitude, trying to prove myself, showing so much passion for the game of Basketball. You see it in his play, you can tell he loves the game, and he plays with the energy and flair.” This all coming from a legend himself proves that Russel Westbrook is an amazing player, but he needs to calm his nerves. As we have told you earlier that he is his biggest enemy. 
  10. Paul George: He is an American Professional basketball player hailing from Los Angeles. He recently talked about his relationship with Russel Westbrook and told media, ” I loved Russ as a Brother.” He also said that Russel always supported him whenever he needed him, and he has so much love for Russel. Meanwhile, Russel does not like him at all because he believes that Paul also betrayed him like Kevin Durant. But, Paul has always appreciated him like a true brother, and he even compared Russel’s Westbrook’s fire to Michael Jordan. And this is something we believe; we all can agree on that Russel is an amazing player with extraordinary athleticism no matter what people think. 

Last but not least, Russel Westbrook’s attitude toward his fans and the media has always remained cold. And this attitude has made him Russel. If it were not for his stubbornness and athleticism, then he would not be that famous like he is now. Many people think that his attitude his dangerous for the league. But again, as we have already discussed that it is his attitude that sets him apart from others. So, we believe as long as he is playing well, then people should not pay heed towards his stubbornness or his egoistic nature. Many NBA stars have come forward and expressed their views about Russel. Some of the player’s opinions were in Russel’s favor, while some of them were against it. Let’s not forget about the time when Russel said, ” I am never satisfied. I am always trying to get better, and learn from my mistakes.” 

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