What the NBA Players think of Giannis Winning the MVP ?

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Since you all must have guessed the topic of our today’s video by its title, yesterday, when Giannis Antetokounmpo won the MVP title, every NBA player did not seem to be happy with it. Some of them appreciated Giannis, while some of them were in favor of Lebron. Giannis received both appreciation and criticism from famous NBA players. The fun fact is that he is just a 25-year-old player, and he has already won his second consecutive NBA MVP award. Now, he is officially in the list of top 3 players to win both as a defensive player of the year and the MVP awards in the same season. You would be surprised to know that the other two players on this list are Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon. So, it’s a great honor for Giannis to be in a company of these legends. Anyway, let’s dig into what other NBA players have a say about Giannis winning the second MVP title. So, without wasting your time any further, let’s get into it. 

  1. James Lebron: James Lebron was not very happy with the results. According to him, the voting scale was weird this time. He, without any fear, takes a dig at Gianni’s winning the MVP title. Sometimes, Lebron tends to forget that the MVP title trophy is for extraordinary performance throughout the season, and Giannis, undoubtedly, was the best player throughout the season. However, Lebron did not seem happy, and he had his obvious reasons. Lebron was hoping that the title of the NBA MVP will be given to him, but he was stunned by the voting results, which did not please him very well. He stated, “I don’t care who is MVP. I care who will be the Champion.” However, Giannis said, ” Do not call me MVP until I’m a champion.” And this is similar to Kobe’s mentality when he was alive, “I would rather have Championships more so than MVP awards.” 
  2. Pau Gasol: Pau Gasol took to Instagram and appreciated Giannis Antetokounmpo on winning the consecutive NBA MVP award. Paul Gasol and Giannis have a history of playing together since they were teammates. It’s not for the first time that Gasol appreciated Giannis. If you are a big fan of the NBA, then you would have probably heard Gasol admiring Giannis’s skills now and then. It was back in 2019, they both developed a strong bond, despite their limited time together. If you are following Giannis on Twitter, then you would have an idea about their friendship. Besides, Giannis sees him as his elder brother. 
  3. Terrence Ross: Terrence is a 29-year-old American professional NBA player who took to Twitter to express his thoughts about Giannis winning the NBA MVP title. He stated, “Honestly, I think LeBron should have won. But this ain’t the first time “he’s been robbed.” It clearly explains that he was not happy with the winning of Giannis. He believed that LeBron should have won the MVP title instead of Giannis, but everyone has the freedom of opinion. Let’s hope there is no beef between these two players because both of them are great players, be it is LeBron or Giannis. But again, that’s what Terrence said on twitter, and we cannot blame him. 
  4. Luol Deng: Luol Dong was one of those NBA players who appreciated Giannis on winning the MVP title. He took to the social media platform, Instagram, and put a story there, and said Giannis deserved it. However, Luol Deng retired from the NBA as a professional player after playing for 15 years. He was a two-time NBA-All-star. So, the appreciation coming from a legend himself was a perfect achievement for Giannis. Plus, Luol Dong was one of those NBA stars who admired Grannis on his winning. Let’s hope everything remains even between them and do not see any beef between these two players. 
  5. Justin Anderson: This 26-year-old young NBA player took to Twitter to congratulate Giannis on his winning. He said, ” Congrats to a fierce competitor, #MVP.” This tweet explains that they both are on good terms. And this is what we expect from other NBA players. All players should have this mindset instead of hating or throwing shades on each other out of pure jealousy. They should take notes from Justin Anderson even though Justin and Giannis are both competitors, yet they appreciate each other on the social media platforms. Last but not least, we hope their friendship remains forever, even though they both are playing against each other. 
  6. Isaiah Austin: It seems that Isaiah Austin is not a fan of Giannis because he put a story on Instagram that said, ” Bron got robbed.” It precisely means he was not happy with the results of the MVP title. He was in favor of James LeBron because he was expecting that LeBron would win the title of MVP, but his expectations went all in vain, and we know that Giannis, once again, took the title of MVP. However, if we dig into history, back in 2014, Giannis tweeted that Isaiah Austin is a legend for him. Let’s hope they both sort out their grudges and differences. 
  7. Richard Jefferson: He believes, in the future, Giannis is going to get more titles of MVP. Giannis, however, believes that he should not be referred to as MVP until he becomes a champion. And this is not the first time he said that. Giannis is unlike any other athlete. He is a different person because he values things over honors. And that is what makes him different from other players. Plus, no other MVP player has ever said something like, “Don’t call me MVP publicly.” Perhaps maybe deep inside, Giannis knew that he did not deserve the title. 
  8. Shareef O’Neal: He was in favor of LeBron winning the MVP title, and he believed that LeBron got robbed. However, later, he tweeted, “LeBron should be MVP, but it’s okay.” This tweet from him explains, clearly, that he wasn’t happy with the results of the NBA MVP trophy. But again, as we have told you earlier that everyone has freedom of option. It’s Shareef O’Neal’s opinion, and we all must respect regardless of the fact who we support. After all, the NBA is a game of nerves, and we must have the sportsman Spirit to deal with loss. Some players were in favor of Giannis, while some wanted LeBron to win the title, and we cannot blame them. 
  9. Stephen Curry: Just like Shareef O’Neal, Stephen Curry was also in favor of LeBron. On the 18th of September, 2020. He tweeted that, “LeBron got Robber.” This tweet explains, clearly, that he wanted LeBron to be the MVP. But again, destiny was not in favor of Lebron either. This statement, from Stephen Curry, proved that he wasn’t a fan of Giannis. But let’s hope they get their difference sort out. After all, it’s just a game, and we all should take it as a game. Plus, many players wanted LeBron to win the title. But it was hard luck, and destiny was in favor of Giannis. 
  10. T. J Ward: Last but not least, T.J Ward gave his two cents about the winning of the MVP title by Giannis. He tweeted that Giannis “probably” deserved the title. But it doesn’t change the fact that there is someone out there who actually deserved it. Besides, he stated clearly, that Giannis is not the best player. He was also in favor of LeBron. He wanted him to win the title. Just like T.J Ward, many players came forward and expressed their views. However, most of the players were in favor of LeBron. And it proves that LeBron might have deserved the title of MVP.   

Anyway, let’s wish the best of luck to LeBron, and we hope he wins the next title of MVP because Lebron and Giannis both are talented players with extraordinary skills. We should not hate them based on their teams. In fact, they both are hardworking players who give one hundred percent to their game. But again, it’s a game, and we should take it as a game instead of fighting over stupid biasedness of ours. 

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