Which NBA player has the best sneaker collection ?

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Did you know that many NBA players are fond of collecting sneakers, and some have insane sneaker collections? We all know that Sneakers and the NBA go hand in hand. But you all need to see the closets of the top NBA players because their closets are filled with 1000s of pairs of shoes. And, in our today’s video, we will be discussing those players in an elaborative way. And for that, we have organized a list of the top 10 NBA players who have the best sneaker collection. So, wait until you know about the collection of the player on number 1.  

  1. Rudy Gay: When a reporter asked Rudy Gay, “When did you fall in love with collecting shoes?” He said that he started collecting shoes when he was in his junior year of high school. It all started when he was a kid, and he could not afford shoes. So, the first thing he bought after getting his first payment was Air Force 1s shoes. Plus, he found it hard to keep them clean, so he kept on buying new shoes, and still now, he is collecting sneakers. We cannot blame him since we all love sneakers. If we were in his place, then we might be collecting sneakers as well. 
  1. Thaddeus Young: He is a professional Basketball player from Chicago Hills, and everyone is aware of his shoe collection because when it comes to collecting shoes. Thaddeus Young is literally the god of collecting sneakers. He started accumulating shoes when he was in the ninth standard, but again, like other youngsters, could not afford his favorite pair of shoes. Now he is a renowned player globally and can afford as many as 1000 pairs of sneakers. It is easy for him to get his hands on his favorite pair of sneakers. 
  1. Mike Bibby: He a professional basketball coach and a former player who has played 14 seasons in the National Basketball. But there is something apart from being a fantastic player, and that is his love for sneakers. Yes, you heard us right. This man loves collecting sneakers, and he had a real passion for shoes. He started accumulating shoes when he got into the NBA because, before that, he had little to no money. If you are a big fan of Mike Bibby, then you might have noticed that he only wears Jordan’s shoes because his agent, David Falk, also represented Michael Jordan. And from the first day he entered the court, he was in Jordans, and to this day, he only wears Jordans. Plus, he has had a vast collection of sneakers at his home, unlike other players. 
  1. Stanley Johnson: He is a professional American Basketball player who plays for Toronto Raptors. Every NBA star has a similar story if we talk about the collection of shoes, Standley Johnson is no exception. His love for sneakers started when he was just a kid and used to sell toys. He knew that he could not afford shoes, but did not let his thoughts come between his goals and ambitions. After getting into the NBA, since the NBA pays in millions, he could afford every pair of shoes. His passion for collecting sneakers started to grow eventually. Rumor has it that he has 1000 pairs of sneakers in his collections. 
  1. Quentin Richardson: He is a retired American professional player in the NBA. While growing up, his dad was not very fond of shoes. But that’s not all. His father could not even afford shoes from Jordans. Then, after getting into high school, he could finally buy his favorite pair of shoes. However, long story short, a group of young athletes met Michael Jordan, and Michael told them that they are with him. The next day, Michael sent his agent to the young athletes and gifted them many pairs of shoes. And from that day till now, Quentin Richardson is accumulating shoes. Plus, it was a privilege for him to hand-picked by Michael Jordan himself, and he could not be happier than that. 
  1. Langston Galloway: He is a professional basketball player in the NBA, and he plays for Detroit Pistons. While growing up, he was a big fan of Michael Jordan, and he too wanted shoes like Michael Jordan’s shoes. He always believed in himself and said that if he is ever going to afford shoes, then he is going to collect as many pairs of sneakers as he can. And that’s what he has done precisely, and now he has like 1100 pairs of shoes in his collection. This story of Langston reminds us that we should never give up on our dreams since there is no shortcut to success. All you need to do is hard work and believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything you want. 
  1. Kyle Wiltjer: He is a Canadian-American professional basketball player who plays for Türk Telekom. His obsession with collecting shoes started when he was in high school. He began to collect jordans, and keeping them clean was a pretty hard job for him. In addition to that, he was just a teenager, so he had no money to purchase new shoes again and again. Once he got out of high school and entered college, that’s when his passion for collecting sneakers grew up further. Now he is trying to get as many shoes as possible, and his closet is full of exotic sneakers. 
  1. Pierre Jackson: Pierre Deshawn Jackson is an American professional basketball player who plays for Panathinaikos of the Greek Basket League and the Euro League. Unlike other players, he had enough money to collect shoes back in his childhood. But then got his hands-on James Lebron’s signature shoes, and that’s when his obsession started to overgrow. After getting his first signature shoe from James LeBron, he went kind of crazy and started collected shoes. Currently, his closet his full of different sneakers with different brands and colors. Plus, he makes sure that his shoes remain cleaned.  
  1. Joe Johnson: He has an impressive shoe collection, but cannot come close to the Jarrett Jack’s shoe collection.  In addition to that, he is an outstanding player who has a good reputation among the NBA stars. He has a 500-square-foot closet to store his sneakers. He thought hit would be a cool idea, but now it looks like a museum.  He has like 440 pairs of sneakers, and all of them are unworn. He plans on wearing them eventually one by one. Plus, he is one of those players who got selected by Michael Jordan himself. So, it is a great honor for him to sport Jordan’s Jordans. 
  1. Jarrett Jack: He is a 36-year old professional basketball player, and he has over 1500 pairs of shoes, and that’s over 3000 shoes. When asked about his insane collection, he said, “Some dudes like jewelry, some dudes like cars, some dudes like whatever. I like sneakers.” It’s okay to collect sneakers, but the number of sneakers that are owned by Jarrett is insane. He did not know about his huge show collection until back in 2011 when he got into a twitter fight with Wale and shocked the whole world by flexing his collection of sneakers. So, it is clear that Jarrett Jack is the sneaker god of the NBA. His obsession with sneakers is on another level that we all cannot comprehend. 

That’s all for today’s video; comment below and let us know if we missed any player who has a more significant collection than Jarrett Jack. If you liked this video, make sure to give us a like, and subscribe to our channel for amazing videos like this. 

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