Why does Disney charge $5 for water?

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Most vacationers walk into a resort like Walt Disney World well-prepared for high prices. However, you may be surprised at the markups on some of the basic essentials you may need during your stay. 

Water makes up to 90 % of our body and is the most essential need wherever we are. And a trip to Disney land can be as much as tiresome and thirsty as the hot summer can make it. 

What’s clear and hand-held and expensive all over? Bottled water at Disney World. 

That’s why smart Disney World travelers come prepared and tote along their own reusable water bottles. 

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What’s up guys? Welcome back to the Juicy, my name is Stuart, and today we’re going to talk about why Disney charge $5 for water. Before we get started though, make sure to hit the like button, and subscribe to the channel. Also, don’t forget to turn our post notifications on so that you never miss any of our content. 

Disney during holidays: 

It’s pretty obvious that during the seasons, Disney never let go the chance of raising the prices of almost anything they can. From accommodations to simple food items and snacks, you will find everything with the prices on the moon. Price increases at Walt Disney World on snacks and food are normal, and Disney usually does an all-around snack price increase in October, so we’re not surprised. 

If you want to visit Disney World on a budget, timing is the single most important factor to consider. The best time to visit Disney World is when crowds, prices, and temperatures are all bearable, or when there is an irresistibly great Disney vacation deal on the table. A foolproof strategy is to stay at one of Disney’s value resorts during a time when prices are at their lowest. 

From the increase of prices of tickets to the least possible item, popcorns, everything can cost you an arm and leg. If you ever headed to Disneyland for Halloween time, you will find many snack prices staying firm and talking about the most crowd pleasing snack, the popcorn. A scoop will be costing you $5, up from $4.50, making it one of the more expensive snacks at the park. It’s normal for Disney to increase prices for its snack cart items, but the frequency has pushed some of the most popular foods to surprisingly high prices. 

Such a usual snack can be charged for about 5 dollars, what can we expect Disney to cost bottled water for? 

Bottled water a big Rip off  

People are willing to laugh off the expensive nature of a Walt Disney World vacation right now as they are confident about their economic prospects, but what happens when confidence in the economy is not so high? When that inevitably occurs, some people will have second thoughts about booking a Walt Disney World vacation. It doesn’t take everyone for there to be a big impact on hotel occupancy and attendance. 

At home, turning a knob grants us access to limitless potable water for pennies at most. Water is so abundant, in fact, that you’ll notice it falling from the sky free of charge roughly every day of your Walt Disney World vacation from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  

And so, inexplicably, Disney chooses to sell bottled water at exorbitant markup, usually around $4 a bottle or more. 

Bottled water is a massive rip off at Disney for reasons beyond its price: Disney allows you to bring in an empty water bottle on your own, and then fill it up with complimentary drinking fountains around the property. Or, you can drink out of the fountains without a bottle. Or, if you’re truly desperate, most quick-service restaurants will give you a cup of tap water free of charge. 

Yet, despite all of this free water flowing, Disney tries to keep it a secret. They want you to buy their water bottles.  

A great way to save money on a Disney vacation is to bring your own water into the parks.  If you’re driving to Walt Disney World, throw a case of your favorite bottled water in your car.  If you’re flying, have a case delivered to your resort room through a delivery service. Think about it; if you save $2 per bottle on a case of 24 bottles, that’s $48!  Wow! 

And keep in mind that Cast Members at Disney quick service restaurants will gladly give you a complimentary cup of ice water any time you ask. 


Different brands prices for bottled water: 

There is no standard price for bottled water at Walt Disney World and there are several different brands available throughout the parks and resorts but, in general, you will pay between $3.50 and $4.50 for a chilled bottle of water while vacationing with Disney. 

While we can fool ourselves by saying that brands matter, we still cannot see that much price for such an essential and basic need at Disney world. You’ll note that things like mouse ears and quick-serve food don’t make this list, because while those items are certainly worth far less than Disney charges for them, they come with a kind of nostalgic joy — something most of us all the Disney Magic. Water, however, is something for which that “Disney Magic” isn’t quite enough to overcome.  

Reusable water bottles are always on the list of things that my family brings with us to the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks. Guests are welcome to bring bottles, cups and mugs into the theme parks provided that they are not glass containers and they do not bring alcohol into the theme parks. 

You can also get a free cup of ice water at quick service restaurants throughout the park when you place your order. Either use this cold water to fill up your reusable bottle, or gulp down with your meal. 

In addition to being wallet-friendly, this simple move is eco-friendly, as using your own reusable water bottle helps to cut down on the overall amount of single-use plastic waste created. 

Increased prices at Disney  

Dole Whip, Mickey-shaped pretzels, cotton candy are some of the best foods you’ll find at Disney parks. Only problem is, these salty treats and frozen sweets cost you significantly more than on your last Orlando vacation. Disney Food Blog broke news that food and drink prices have increased at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts, and the price hikes aren’t just affecting grab-and-go favorites. 

Snack prices have changed across the board at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Popcorn and cotton candy now cost $5 each, up from $4.50 and $4.75. Mickey pretzels with cheese are now $7, up from $6 and Mickey ice cream bars are up 75 cents, now costing $5.75. The chocolate-covered delights have increased 35% in the past three years. 

And increased prices up to such a level didn’t let water out of the grip. In 2015, the price of bottled water was recorded up to only $2.75.  

People go for simplicity 

Another reason for such a high cost of our daily life consumption was that people started to prefer water over other expensive drinks and coffee. Water being such a rip off at Disney, people started to save their money by simple tricks. Skipping fizzy drinks with three-time meal they ate per day and just having a cup of water, helped many people save up to 10 dollars.  

With the increasing prices of tickets, dining plans, various food items including breakfast at the park, Disney announced prices of water going up as well. No doubt, in just the past few years, Walt Disney World began installing refillable bottle stations in its Parks and Resorts.  

These are water fountains specifically designed to refill bottles. Whether you bring your own water bottle into the Parks or want to reuse a water bottle you bought in your Park travels, these refillable bottle stations make it possible to refill your bottles without having to do that comical and unfruitful bottle tilt at a typical water fountain. 

Rather you choose to fill your bottle up from these stations, if you don’t have a bottle with you, it will be compulsory to spend your 5 dollars to buy one firstly.  

One more thing to consider here is the fact that the water in the refillable stations is cool but not cold. So if you’re fine with slightly-cooler-than-lukewarm water, you’re set to go. If you prefer freezing cold water, you still have to spend money on buying the scam Disney wants you to be fooled with.  

If you ever re-filled a water bottle to avoid buying another drink, then you just might be a Cheapskate Princess! The average person needs to drink eight glasses of water on a day of light to moderate activity. When you add in walking miles and standing in often un-shaded lines at Disney World theme parks, there are times when you will definitely need to drink even more water to avoid dehydration. 


So this brings us to the end of the video. In the end of the day, if you are buying all that H2O on your trip, you are going to spend a small fortune on an already expensive vacation. While there are water fountains everywhere around the Disney property, not everyone wants to drink it. And speaking of Orlando, its hot most of the year. From adding flavoring to your water, to give it a little extra zing, to freezing water bottles the night before, which can allow you to drink cold water as the ice unfreeze, you might have to buy bottled water at least once a day. As that cannot fulfill the amount of water your body needs especially if you are on one week vacation or longer. 

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