Why is Rolex so Expensive?

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In the past, we’ve talked a lot about expensive purchases and brands, but this might be the most recognizable brand yet. Of course, we’re talking about Rolexes. That’s probably the only watch manufacture that Is very well known throughout the world, because it’s been ingrained into the mainstream media. From wrestlers like Ric Flair, to rappers like 21 Savage and Pusha T, they’ve all bragged about owning Rolexes. And iconic movie characters have worn the brand on the big screen. But what makes the watches cost so much? Welcome to SkylegacyTv where today we’ll talk about why a Rolex watch is so expensive. Don’t forget to subscribe and to hit the notification button to never miss out on our videos.  

To answer that question, we need to look at the history of the brand. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf, in the early 20th century, Rolex quickly became known as a fantastic watch manufacturer. According to the Rolex website, in 1910, their wristwatch earned the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision. The first wristwatch in history to earn that honor. And it didn’t end there. The website also states that just a few years later, one of the company’s wristwatches received a class A precision certificate from the Kew Observatory. Rolex points to these achievements as the beginning of their good reputation. But being precise alone isn’t what made them a household name.  

On top of their technical reputation, the watches became synonymous with luxury watches. Like we said before, dozens of rappers have bragged about having a Rolex. Schoolboy Q on the song “X” said,” Jewelry on Windex, woop, eighty my Rolex”. Biggie Smalls on the song “Gimme the Loot” said,” The money-getter, they don’t know better, Rolex watches and colorful Swatches”. But it’s not just in music where a Rolex is flashed as a sign of wealth. Paige Reddinger for robbreport.com compiled a list of the most famous watches in Hollywood history. One of the watches on the list is a Rolex Submariner worn by Sean Connery in the movie, “Dr. No”, the first ever James Bond film. According to Paul Altieri, from bobswatches.com, a Rolex watch would make another appearance in a James Bond film. This time the Ref. 5513 was worn by Roger Moore in the film, “Live and Let Die”. It’s mainstream appearances like these that show people that Rolex brands are for the elite, and to get one is to make a statement that you’ve made it.  

But even with the mainstream appearances, the watches still must be good for customers to buy them. Like we said before, the company quickly earned a reputation for being precise, but what else about them makes them good? Well it’s the way that they’re made that make them incredible as well. The Rolex website states that different parts of the watch are made in different locations. The cases and bracelets are made in the Geneva Plan-Les-Ouates site, the movements are perfected in Bienne, and the Dials and gem-setting are manufactured in the Geneva-Chene-Bourg site. Then each site sends their component of the watch to the World Headquarters where they are put together. Making it separately in different sites allow for a higher level of attention to make sure their work is as perfect as could be.  

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It’s all these facts that contribute to the price of a Rolex watch. Just how expensive are they? Thewatchcompany.com wrote an article on how much Rolex watches cost. The Oyster Perpetual watch costs $5,000, and it is one of the lowest priced Rolexes. It only goes up from here. The DateJust 41 starting price is $13,250, and the Sea-Dweller can set you back $16,000. But these are still watches on the “cheaper” side. The 40-millimeter, yellow gold, Day-Date 40 watch is priced at $36,000. The Sky-Dweller 42-millimeter everose gold can cost close to $50,000. This price is unimaginable to me, it’s like having the price of a car on your wrist alone. When you see how much one is worth, it becomes obvious why it’s viewed as a sign of wealth.  

But are they worth it? Whenever it comes to high luxury items like a Rolex or Cartier, you know you’re getting a good product. There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that these products are made with the best care and attention. When you combine that with the gems and the gold that make up the watch, you can see why they are so expensive. But it’s obvious you’re paying for the name as well, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you have the money go ahead and treat yourself. Like we said in the Cartier video, only you can know whether the price is worth it. Thanks for watching the video. If you learned something new, make sure to hit the like button and to share the video. See you next time from SkylegacyTv.  

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